top 10 things people should do to get motivated

Top 10 Things People Should Do To Get Motivated

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If it's not motivational posts on Facebook or Twitter, it's click-baiting posts about motivational people showing off their ideas on how to get motivated.

And quite frankly, if I'm not doing the same, I'm being left behind. So here's my Top 10 things people should do to get motivated.

  1. Stop being around shitty people.
  2. Be around better people.
  3. If someone wants something, tell them to leave a note on the huge pile nearby.
  4. If someone wants something, tell them it costs them a Twinkie, or something of equal value.
  5. Put earphones on and listen to Queen.
  6. Do something interesting once a day.
  7. Stop doing boring things every day.
  8. Be happy and grateful you have the ability to do awesome things.
  9. If someone says something stupid, be kind. It's because they're stupid, so help them.
  10. Reward yourself with a Twinkie someone gave you.

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