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Not that I post blogs everyday, but I just thought of something that I find exciting, and whomever comes along to read, hope it gives you a giggle, especially about introductions.

Since October 2008 I've been performing stand-up comedy in and around London, England, and it's been a fascinating journey of experiences, loves, hates, lost in the city, new friends made, etc etc...and I have enjoyed building a small reputation to the ire of some folk that believed I'm no more than a waste of silly space.

One aspect I always found challenging was the Introduction...

It's stupid of me to say that after a few years of performing in front of crowds big and small, I've grown so accustomed to whatever comes my way, but in effect I'll always get nervous no matter what the crowd, especially last's night lovely free night in a theatre bar/restaurant.

What I really get nervous about, though, is the first impression. That sets the tone for everything you do (you could even take into account the host welcoming you on stage, even) and you're pot out of luck if the audience don't agree with the first set of words or actions travelling light-speed from your stage persona.

I've built up a repotoire of introducing myself by using my full name which I won't say publicly in case some tries to steal it (yip, I know, big ego), but I've managed to write up new ways to accentuate the whole schpeel with different punchlines.

Last night, though, was just too easy...

"Hi, my name is Nelson xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx de Gouveia, I'm 30 years old, was born in xxxxxxxx, to a xxxxxxxx family and grew up in xxxxxxxx!"

Audience member: "Yeah, I thought so."

A big laugh insues. I didn't need to use my list of potential punchlines. The rest of the set smacked the room and even my housemate, the amazing www.ryancull.com give me some pointers on how to improve some of the jokes I do.

My point is...working hard on something brings great results. But everything, even the introduction, is important.

He procrastinates like crazy, has little friends and a blog with no traffic. All in all, he's doing well if he's at least breathing.

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