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I need to write more

I generally don't write anymore...

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...and I'm sick for doing so. If not to bicker and wail with my garofalo, it's mainly me waiting on Facebook trying to pick up new gossip about the open-mic comedy. What am I, a girl???????

Face it, though, you pick up gossip in the prospect you meet someone you enjoy standing next to, and the only way to strike up a semi-decent conversation is to ask, "Have you heard the latest about the ongoing saga between such and such?", which then leads to over-exasperated opinions about God, the devil and that curious fellow standing by the back of the bar wondering how far down he can stick his nose into his glass while trying to be inconspicuous...and failing.

So after ready through bits from my former tutor in college, Chris McEvoy, I'm taking 2 minutes out of my minutae hell to plod along with whatever comes into my head, and today's topic is....................the haha of funny comedy.

I intend to run the Camden portal of the Laughing Horse series of shows from this week onwards, either in a administrative or hosting capacity...not to make the dosh but to learn and develop a small function room into a fantastic 2 hour show of cacophonic comedy, loose laughter and merry mirth for punters new and regular to enjoy.

I even had a idea with Lost Prophets and a pair of flashlights to make a grand entrance........wonder if it'd work? 🙂

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