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Edinburgh - Wow oh wow

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Sorry I haven't been writing for ages, and in addition writing for Edinburgh, which I should as I've been having a mad adventure here. It's literally an occasion like no other, an experience I will certainly never forget and a rollercoaster of emotion that is incomparable to anything else.

One: obviously about me, I have become religiously confident as a stand-up...it's been a mix and match of comedy quality from gig to gig, and I'm happy to announce that I've had an amazing Edinburgh debut at the Kasbar room in Espionage, to a packed room of people (after helping to flyer), then after a better delivery with lesser laughs, but hey, it's what I do to learn and grow.

Next up I've been roped in to warm up an act everyday for the entire run, which guarantees me 5 minutes each day to perform freely without being stuck onto the same material time and time again.

And finally, news of me is spreading amongst the smaller people while the bigger ones at least see my face, and whether I'm on stage and die a little death, they will at least remember that and in the future notice an improvement, if any.

Not to mention running into people, socialising without cause or effect, meeting new patriots to the cause and supporting live comedy everywhere I can get to.

As for work, I obviously can't see the reaction of my colleagues but I'm managing the time between performing and doing any work I'm needed to do as best as I can. I fear for some delays and repercussions won't be nice, but I will try my very best and try not to let them down, as they are awesome folks and I love working with them.

Two: Giada is with me and didn't have a wonderful debut, but we have two different minds regarding what we both want from the Fringe. Hopefully she'll get her vibe in other shows and do well, which she is far more capable of doing than I am.

Three: Imran Yusuf performed at Michael McIntyre's Road Show on Sunday, and he's received 5 stars for his Free Festival show, An Audience with Imran Yusuf. The guy's over the moon and I'm really blessed to have been around to see it, and thankful he got me into it too. All the best for him and hope he invites me to his LA mansion (he's sitting next to me as I type this, hope he notices that last bit :P)

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