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Finding It Hard to Standup – An Interview with Altaaf Sayed

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We can’t always recognise strength when we see it. We are too busy being insecure creatures that judge ourselves against others. Trying to find the flaw in every human being to justify our own infallibility. I definitely thought that when I walked into the Armchair Theatre and met 32 year-old Altaaf Sayed, a new comedian on the Cape Town standup scene. Keep Reading


Why I Upload My Standup to YouTube…and Why You Shouldn’t

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I was contemplating arguing for why some comedians don’t upload their standup to Youtube. My case was to inform audiences of the talent available. Who are performing where, when and what type. As it seems we just consume bad news, crappy political bias and lavish lifestyle videos.

And then I realised…no, I don’t want other comedians to upload. Keep Reading

The Proposal | Comedy Short Film – 2018

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THE PROPOSAL | A Comedy Short Film

A restaurant waiter finds an opportunity for promotion when he discovers a nervous gentleman preparing to propose to his girlfriend.

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Top 5 Best Online Tools to Find Good Comedy for Free

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If you’re struggling each day to smile, whether at home with your ugly partner or at work with down-trodden, down on their own luck workmates that make life hell, then I have news for you. There’s good comedy out there…and it’s for free.

And I understand how hard it is to find such fabled volumes of mirth. Where do you even start? Rummage through your old granddad’s attic? Dig near the forests of Egypt?

Thankfully, if you found me, you’ll have access to these top 5 online tools that’ll assist with finding the best, or at least good, bits of laughter tickles you need to get 2018 started right.

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