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Where to find Comedy in Cape Town (UPDATED: March 2020)

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You want to know where to find comedy in Cape Town.

I know, I get that. But the most recent Google search shows either the Cape Town Comedy Club or an old blog post that hasn’t been updated in a while. And trying to get around the city is hard enough without trying to find comedy in Cape Town in the first place.

Never fear, an actual comedian that plays in these shows is here. Below is the list of frequent comedy shows, and what to expect from the drive and the venue. And I’ll keep updating them when and where I get a chance to play, plus some more insight into their style and enjoyment.

Doesn’t hurt to know proper comedy club etiquette.

The Cape Town Comedy Club - Various

comedy in cape town

Since 2014, Kurt, Des and the crew have made a presence at the Waterfront for such a beautiful and wonderfully produced stand-up show. Endorsed and invested by one of the Mother City’s most endearing comedians Kurt Schoonraad, you’re invited to enjoy an eclectic evening of good comedy, great food and an fantastic atmosphere. Leave your crap at the door or Bruno the Doorman will throw it out with you in tow.

Trenchtown Comedy - Wednesdays

Founded in the void of the now closed-down Armchair Sundays, comedian Altaaf Sayed is ready to bring fun and laughter to the Observatory crowd at the well-established Trenchtown venue. Expect open-air and great times, starting this Wednesday.

Premium Comedy - Various

Established a few years back by Kenwyn Davids to fill the Mitchell’s Plain market, the Premium Sports Bar has now become the hub of Cape Flats comedy. So many wonderful acts have walked that stage and become legends, and the crowds have cheered like no tomorrow. You want a fun night? Go there.

Comedy Knights - Various

kurt langeveld

Two of the "knicest" comics in Cape Town return after three years at the Mash Tun to provide you with an amazing performance of comedians at 44 on Long, starting the 20th March. Featuring Rob Van Vuuren and Carl Weber!

Comedy Cartel - Various

Moving to a new home each month, this time at the Daily Cafe in Kulisrivier, already has a sold-out show at the end of the month, so book a seat for the next one and enjoy a great line-up.

Nomad Bistro - Monday to Friday

Weekly, nightly, however you take it. The Nomad Bistro / Tequila Town evening of entertainment always has comics ready to show you a great time.

The Secret Place - Fridays

It's been a long time since I played here, but the tight-knit community comes together to celebrate funnyness in all forms. Presented by lame comic Gerard Siebritz, who doesn't mind just because he's in a wheelchair making people laugh and it doesn't stop him.

Location: The Secret Place, 340 Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne

Rascals - Now on Thursdays

rascals open mic comedy

Epic, wonderfully hosted and gorgeously filled with people of all different shapes enjoying beautiful comedy in Cape Town. And I can vouch for the pizza.

Zapata Restaurant - Every Tuesday

The dreaded "comedy in restaurant" industry grows with the return of Hartfield's Zapata Restaurant. Many a death felt in that room before, but there's hope yet for those with skill and ambition to make it a fun and awesome night.

Tau - First Tuesday of the Month

A new and wonderful performance space run by Mario Paul Campbell, the recent shows have drawn wonderful crowds. Be sure to check it out when you can!

Beerhouse Comedy - Wednesdays and Thursdays

One of the nicest rooms has returned to the city, with Beerhouse Comedy run by Kolping Mbumba back on the hosting duties. Now includes the Beerhouse in Durbaville!

King Gong - Every Tuesday

Formerly the Alexander Bar, the Courtyard Playhouse now hosts weekly shows every night, and the voting legend that is King Gong now resides here. Check it out every Tuesday for a laugh-a-minute riot!

Armchair Theatre - Every Thursday

Returning from the grave, the legendary Armchair returns to showcase the newest and finest in open-mic comedy.

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