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Where to find Comedy in Cape Town (UPDATED: October 2018)

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You want to know where to find comedy in Cape Town.

I know, I get that. But the most recent Google search shows either the Cape Town Comedy Club or an old blog post that hasn’t been updated in a while. And trying to get around the city is hard enough without trying to find comedy in Cape Town in the first place.

Never fear, an actual comedian that plays in these shows is here. Below is the list of frequent comedy shows, and what to expect from the drive and the venue. And I’ll keep updating them when and where I get a chance to play, plus some more insight into their style and enjoyment.

Doesn’t hurt to know proper comedy club etiquette.

The Cape Town Comedy Club - Various

comedy in cape town

Since 2014, Kurt, Des and the crew have made a presence at the Waterfront for such a beautiful and wonderfully produced stand-up show. Endorsed and invested by one of the Mother City’s most endearing comedians Kurt Schoonraad, you’re invited to enjoy an eclectic evening of good comedy, great food and an fantastic atmosphere. Leave your crap at the door or Bruno the Doorman will throw it out with you in tow.

Website: www.capetowncomedy.com

Armchair Sundays - Sundays, Wednesdays

armchair sundays

A miasma of mirth that began way before many of the new acts were even born, I began running its current production with Christopher Steenkamp before Gino Fernandez took full residency there and has kept it going ever since. It’s underground, bohemian and you will smell wee somewhere. But for raw, New York-style uncertainty, there’s nowhere else to go for the most amazing undiscovered talent out there.

Website: www.instagram.com/armchaircomedy, www.facebook.com/armchaircomedy/

Premium Comedy - Various

Established a few years back by Kenwyn Davids to fill the Mitchell’s Plain market, the Premium Sports Bar has now become the hub of Cape Flats comedy. So many wonderful acts have walked that stage and become legends, and the crowds have cheered like no tomorrow. You want a fun night? Go there.

Website: www.kenwyndavids.co.za

Tiger's Milk - Last Saturday of the Month

Honing her craft as a gig organiser at Nomad, comedian Chantal Jax Venter now hosts a monthly show at the Tiger's Milk in Long Street.

Website: www.facebook.com/TMLongStreet

Mash Tun - Thursdays (from 1 November)

kurt langeveld

One of my favourite spots in mid-town Woodstock run by one of my oldest CT comedy pals, Kurt Langeveld (see above, it's not the venue, it's him), it just sprang up, out of nowhere and became an instant hit. Full house upon full house and the venue is behind it 100%. If you want wonderful comedy in Cape Town with a fantastic burger and chips, look no further.

Website: www.facebook.com/themashtunza

Bandits of Comedy - Various

bandits of comedy

This one is so fresh off the boat they posted about it 15 minutes ago from time of updating this link! Featuring four quality comedians from the gestating birthbag of Cape Town's funnybone like Gino, Kurt, movie actor Dylan Skews and stalwart Milo Hot Chocolate (not his real birthname).

Website: www.facebook.com/banditsofcomedy/

Hanover Street Comedy - Various

It comes and goes when someone asks or when promoter Dalin Oliver points it out on his social media, but what a joy to be had in such a beautiful room in Grand West. Hanover Street Night Club boasts multiple levels, so you'll be sure to enjoy the fruit of laughter from both above and below. One of the nicest rooms to ever play in.

Website: www.facebook.com/hanoverstreetnightclub

Stand Up in Stellies - First Monday of the Month

Aandklas in Stellenbosch has been the centre of rock music and rawkus abandon for a few years now, but decent beer flows from the tap and a nice stage next to the loo provides ample entertainment for students and locals alike, and the open mic evening is no exception.

Website: www.facebook.com/standupstellies

Muizenberg Comedy Festival - 1-14 October

Various events around Muizenberg, specifically some amazing comedy shows you have to attend. Mine's on the 5th October (this Friday) happening at Speaker's Corner. Something different...

Location: www.facebook.com/MuizenbergFestival/

Funky Buddha - Last Thursday of the Month

If it's Paarl and placed inside a well-run nightclub, then by golly-gosh what an evening it could be. Run primarily by Stuart Taylor but features many talented comedians. Past performers included Stuart, Brent Palmer, KG and Liam Bento.

Location: facebook.com/TheFunkyBuddhaPaarl

The Secret Place - Thursdays

It's been a long time since I played here, but the tight-knit community comes together to celebrate funnyness in all forms. Presented by lame comic Gerard Siebritz, who doesn't mind just because he's in a wheelchair making people laugh and it doesn't stop him.

Location: The Secret Place, 340 Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne

Station on Bree - Last Thursday of the Month

Challenging but exciting, it happens to have all the wonderful reminders of my time in London without the grumpy armpits. Chuckles at the Choo-Choobs is comedy in Cape Town hosted by versatile comic Chantal Jax Venter.

Website: www.facebook.com/TheStationOnBree/

Kasi Comedy Night - Various

Not quite sure when these shows are happening on which dates or frequency, but people have been raving about it, and would love to try out comedy in Gugulethu one day myself.

Website: www.facebook.com/GQ-Butchery-NY-110-Gugs-1893444284219098

Leo Bar and Lounge - Last Thursday of the Month

Competing for the same time slot, Leo Bar and Lounge on Kloof Street comprises of other comics that aren't doing anything but want to showcase new material in a competitive 20v5 stage (20 comics doing 5 minutes).

Website: www.facebook.com/Leo-Bar-and-Lounge-1545664588860783/

Orphan's Comedy Club with Jack Daniel's

Beneath their stoney unapproachable exteriors who would believe comedians have a heart? Join them at Orphanage for a free comedy show around mid-month on a Thursday. A collection for St. Francis Children's Home will be held during the event.

Website: www.facebook.com/OrphanageClub/

Fork and Comedy - Last Tuesday of every month

Formerly held at the Fireman's Arms and now moved to old comedy stable the Slug and Lettuce at the River Club in Observatory. Exceptional and vibrant.

Website: www.facebook.com/forkandcomedy/

Blue Mondays - Every Monday

A cash bar over in Claremont, the Blue Whistle, houses a small open-mic show on the main road, you can't miss it. New acts trying out and older comedians making sense of life with new and existing material.

Website: www.facebook.com/thebluewhistle

The Drawing Room - 28 August

A new open-mic show coming up at the Drawing Room in Observatory with yours truly hosting. R60 will get you in, but with a partner you can saunter through for R100. Trust me, I'm worth it.

Website: thedrawingroomcafe.co.za

The Shack - 28 August

Running on the same night, a brand-new 20-in-5 show will occur at the Shack in Gardens. Usually a staple of drunken debauchery, cigarette smoke and yelling about relationship issues, we'll see how they fair.

Website: www.facebook.com/events/467306643679817/

Rascals - 2nd Thursday of each Month

rascals open mic comedy

Epic, wonderfully hosted and gorgeously filled with people of all different shapes enjoying beautiful comedy in Cape Town. And I can vouch for the pizza.

Website: www.facebook.com/rascals.capetown

Roxy All Day - Wednesdays

Had to change the description, Roxy All Day is a small little cafe in the heart of Woodstock. Lovely spot for hipsters and smokers of assorted goods. But a lovely spot, and FREE!

Website: www.facebook.com/RoxyAllDayRAD

Comedy Night @Speakeasy - Last Monday of the Month

I love this venue for its huge tree in the middle and the chocolate shots you get with milk-tart. As a comedy show, Stuart Taylor swung by last Monday, so can't be all bad.

Website: www.facebook.com/SpeakeasySaloon

The Nameless Pub - First Monday of the Month

Long ago, in a land far, far away called Somerset West, the Nameless Pub exists. Filled with dronkie lesbians and handy Afrikaners. A fantastic stage to play on, go watch.

Website: www.facebook.com/thenamelesspubsomersetwest

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