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Yes, I’ve been hiding.

I had a change in my circumstances so fundamental, I’ve just been both languishing and basking in its gloriousness for too long. I’m swimming in its rapture, I’m bathing in its golden light, and I haven’t had the strength to kick just to break the surface and breathe in.
And it’s been my excuse for a while now.

I’m 33 years old; it means nothing to most of you, some of you or ev en the ones that classify yourselves as “all of us”, since really we’re not all of the same age all at once. But I had given it up, just plopped on the couch and went, “Eh.”

My dad did that and look, there he is staring at Portuguese television waiting to die.

I tend to procrastinate like everyone else does out of fear and …… it’s hard for me to even write the next word, that’s how amazing it is I’m even publicising this post …… SELF-LOATHING! That’s what I wanted to write, self-loathing. Got there in the end.

Anyway, I tend to procrastinate like you do when you enter an untidy room and can’t be bothered to clean up, whereas the right thing to do is to pick a random spot and just BEGIN.
So here am I, beginning…I’ve been recording over a year’s worth of comedy material from a variety of local and international artists who have performed at the Armchair Sundays Comedy Show, keeping it stashed away in my harddrive.

No more.

I’m cataloguing, sorting, labelling and putting them all online for those same comedians to access should they decide in some vain attempt to want to listen to the good old days.

“But Nelson, putting my material out there, someone might steal it.”

Good. Why? So you can write more. Don’t fret, I’m not marketing the material, just making it “semi-public” so only you, the performer, can access it.

I’ve read up on the autobiographies of some aspiring guys, notably the late Steve Jobs, who didn’t give a toss about what most things were thought about him, and of the creators of Doom, John Carmack and John Romero, whom the former was a no-nonsense get-to-work guy, and the latter an idiot with aspirations but no direction.

I know who I want to be.

John Carmack wrote all the source-code for the best games that were created, notably Doom and Quake, and upon release of the retail version, he simply GAVE AWAY that code to the programming community.

The dreamers that didn’t know how to write the same.

The enthusiasts who wanted to learn without expelling their freedom.

And here we are, a small community of comedians, and we’re keeping our material secret. Of course we want people to pay for our stuff, but as and when you create a product that’s yours and yours alone, you can’t hold it back from the masses unless you want them to come to you…and for them to do so, they need to access you.

And if they hear old material, that’s fine…it’s secure, it’s locked and it’s yours, ALL YOURS.

And if some tiny little schmuck takes it and rebrands it as his own, there’s evidence YOU did it. But Cape Town’s community is too small and fearful of getting their stuff out there fearing infringement.

I say, take my stuff, have it, it’s yours. I’ll write new stuff again.

But personally, I’m sick of keeping these archives locked away in my harddrive. I hate that it stays there never to be heard again except for me. I’m putting it somewhere where only the elite will know about, and whjen the time comes the faithful will find it themselves, and praise the right ones.

The true heroes of local comedy.

The ones that were nervous about gracing the Armchair stage.

And it was me that immortalised them in silicon glory.

He procrastinates like crazy, has little friends and a blog with no traffic. All in all, he's doing well if he's at least breathing.

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