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Nelson, why don't you blog more??

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I got asked why I don't blog more. Well...

  1. I'm working in a job that requires my fullest attention. They need me focused and enthralled on their product, ensuring that the quality is set to the highest standard and we ship to our clients with no faults whatsoever.
  2. I live with a fun and amazing person who takes up all my focus as she fulfills my day ever waking minute I'm with her.
  3. I've been away from family for so long that I take time out from everything else to see them, be with them, annoy them and be annoyed by them.
  4. I drive to work, never take public transport, although it will happen very soon that I shall, but for now I keep my mind in my head, never communicating these wonderful thoughts that run through like relay athletes passing one note to the next in a classroom full of ADHD pupils.
  5. My g/f's cat has given birth to 4 kittens and I have designated the runt, Apocalypse, as the sole survivor past the weaning process before we send off the other three to the Vet to be used as carpets or glue.
  1. I'm f***ing lazy.
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