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Going Offline - Day 11: Not entirely surrendering...

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Ok, so I've rescinded on my stance to delete Facebook and never return by reactivating my account and ensuring it never gets deleted from its databanks. I'm not surrendering though.

Why? Two reasons:

1. I actually lost touch with someone for a week. I was worried, confused over the lack of communication that I wasn't receiving from her, and she lives all the way in South Africa, so it's not like I could just visit her place to see if I could smell decomposition from the kitchen. thankfully, I went back into Crackbook and she was there, all perplexed at my harrowed shock, only to find that her company's servers were giving her trouble, and her mobile/cellphone was not receiving international texts.

2. It made me realise that I cannot lose the connections I've built up. It's like a PR professional throwing away her contact book to swim in the lake. It's silly, it's stupid.

I'm heading over to South Africa to reconnect with family, but one day would return to London and I would require an easy method to contact old acquaintenances.

But I am still aware that I spend far too much time prowling people's false perceptions of personal lives, and in the past week I've truly felt the feeling of isolation to the point that I then step outside, say hello to fellow human being, share a joke and a drink with an old acquaintance, reconnect.

So I am still off Facebook. It's not on, you can't find me there.

But I'll be back... 😉

P.S. I was surprised people commented at my previous posts. I'm sorry I didn't follow up on what was happening in my life thanks to the Facebook exile, but I'll keep on posting about how it's affected my little social life, and hopefully it helps you in recognising that some IT geek's communication is another's way of hiding from the fact that all you need to do to reconnect with someone...is to knock on their door.

So thank you.

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