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administrative monster

The Administrative Monster

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At some point, administration turns into an angry beast hungry for more paperwork and red-tape. Not content with a single copy of a document used to prove your worth, the Administrative Monster's appetite can only be satisified with original documents provided in triplicate, not QUADRUPLICATE!!!

But in most cases, I'm not quite certain exactly what official people actually mean. If official people were as nice as what us little kids used to imagine them being thanks to helpful government-provided media would allow you to think, they'd be sugar-plum fairies dancing on a needle, holding your hand as you photocopy each document required to let you pass through customs and into the ever-glowing arms of your loving family.

But lo, for it is not so.

The Administrative Monster is a fearsome beast, furious at its anger for not feeding it oodles upon oodles of information which could one day be used against you in some superflous way. Long ago in a time of rapid economic growth and positive outlooking, the Adminstrative Monster recruited said fairies, plucked their wings off, made them sit in damp, uninteresting offices with drab window-views and awful dance-music playing from a tinny radio bought for £5 in the kitchen, and created a cloud of depression that transformed these helpful little fairies into its army of malcontented minions that further fed its evil hunger.

So, my point is, I'm not sure what they mean by, "two copies of each original document". Is it:

  1. Two copies of the same document with the original tucked away?
  2. Two originals of the same thing, meaning they can't be photocopies?
  3. One original and a photocopy of the original?


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