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last night awkward

Gee oh gee oh wow, was last night awkward

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Yo, was last night awkward. It is an alternative 1994, and Nelson is sitting in the school recruiter's office, looking over his application.

"So Nelson, in school you're going to learn Geography, Mathematics, Science, History, Art, Biology, Woodwork and Accounting.

"You will ensure that your homework is completed on time every day to the best of your ability and punctual, else you will fail. The cost of your failure? A point lost on your score, and our respect for you will drop to the point of you becoming someone else's problem later in life before you wile your existence away using drink and drugs which, again, will not be our problem. Any questions?"

Nelson looks around the room. "Hi, yes, Nelson here, a human being, tiny bit shy on how to interact with people. Sometime in the future I may stand in front of a young crowd and make jokes, but may be perceived to be insincerely racist. How do I cope with that?"

The recruiter gives Nelson a incredulous stare. "That....will be someone else's problem."


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