A personal taste of comedy

A birthday joke for my brother

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Charlie walks into a bar and orders the following:

– a tequila slammer
– four straight shots of whisky
– a martini with a Hawaiin umbrella and some mint…
– a Harvey Wallbanger served by a Belgian sausage dog
– four shots of dry-but-not-sweet rose sambuca…in flames
– twenty bags of roasted peanuts flown in from Jamaica by a disgruntled Korean war veteran
– and finally, a Melbourne Twist

The barman’s astonished at the list but prepares it all for him, and he proceeds to put them all away within the hour.

“Don’t mind me asking,” begins the barman, “but why such a list?”

Charlie looks up, his eyes incoherrently switching from one object to the next
and mumbles, “I blame my younger brother, the comedian.”

“Why him?”

“Cos the little bastard needs new jokes.”

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