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What an extraordinary lunch…

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– I had just gone to Holborn’s Leisure Centre to sign up for a gym membership, and through some prior research managed to get the regular payments I’d make right down to £28 per month just for gym use. What a score, I can head off to do regular weights (a la Steve McQueen, what a guy) and then only occasionally go for a quick swim for the princely sum of £2, double score!

– Additionally, I had constantly seen this gentleman dining during some lunches with Suggs from Madness, never occuring to me who he was until I ran into him in Soho lunching with none other than my old patron of the PR arts (a.k.a. my old boss from years back) and I recalled the previous fellow as being one of his clients I did tasks for.

Today’s rejuvenated me somewhat, I’m about to head off and write material about how to be a flight attendant. w00t.

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