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With no one to blame but himself, chirpy foreigner Nelson de Gouveia hit the comedy circuit late in 2008 and has become quietly known as a solid little opener that sets a good mood for the entire night he plays in.

Born in Venezuela to a native Portuguese family, grew up in South Africa and living in London for 10 years, the currently-employed videogames producer lives with his girlfriend in Hackney and performs frequently for small open-mic venues all over the city, places his apparent arrogance on the table and persuades the audience that some socially inadequate men with an accent better that most English-speakers, can make a room full of people laugh.

Currently his main aim is to break the world record for “The Most Performed Joke With a Reaction Regardless of Gag Quality” with his pre-teen written quip, “The Wizard Joke”.

Nelson has previously brought the giggles to venues such as the Comedy Store, the Comedy Cafe, Laughing Horse, Bathhouse Comedy, Downstair’s at the King’s Head, 5 Minutes of Fame, Open Mic @ the Miller, Foolhardy Comedy, Jester Jesters, Comedy at the College, Tuesday Night at Torriano’s, the William IV, Rub Your Face In It, Laughing Jaabs, Rubber Chicken, Party Piece, Comedy Bin, Victoria’s Secret, East Meets Jest, Pear-Shaped Comedy, the Lion’s Den, Desperately Seeking Stagetime, Electric Mouse and various others.

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