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Encoding a video

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A comedian has to do a lot of things himself the first few years…encoding a video to be placed on Youtube for promoters to reference to if they prefer to choose to place your on their bill rather than go with word-of-mouth or just “fuck it, I’ll risk it”, is BLOODY hard.

First you have to find a gig that has people that you can perform in front of (not small gigs, people that have come to WATCH comedy). Then you’ve got to find a friend with the time willing to stand there and film, whereby feeling his time hasn’t been wasted (many thanks to George Sakkas for this), and then, obviously, bringing your A-game so that you don’t feel like a prick when you’re beign filmed.

But, so far, the hardest bit has really been actually sitting down and encoding the damn file so that it won’t look stretched, pixellated, discolored, unflowered, decapitated, wonky, self-loathing, with a few effects, and then spend the whole day fighting with your girlfriend over CPU time while the program spends hours making the file and you realise that the bloody sound isn’t in sync.

Well, anyway, I’m at that last stage now. New video soon.

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