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6 Reasons to Make a Stargate Prequel

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MGM, title holder of the Stargate franchise, having teased scifi fans with the promise of  3-movie series revival, announced the launch of a prequel streaming series, originally titled “Stargate Origins”.

It’s an excuse for producers to spend lots of money on a period piece set in the 1920’s, instead of scifi visuals and makeup. And oh yes, it makes plenty of sense.

Available exclusively on www.stargatecommand.co (please don’t forget to remove the “m” at the end else you’ll be confusing it with the private gamer club on Star Citizen), this 10-episode digital series will focus on the character of Catherine Langford discovering the alien construction with her father in Eqypt, up until she recruits Daniel Jackson to assist with decrypting its secrets.

Watch the teaser below:

And in true fashion, here’s 6 reasons why they should be making a prequel to a franchise spanning films, books and three very expansive series:

  1. They will beat everyone to the punch before the Game of Thrones prequel comes around.
  2. We don’t really need a new vision of the scope of amazement and wonder in a far-flung galaxy we could never reach in our lifetime.
  3. Human emotion under amazing odds is far more thrilling to watch if the scene is set with frilly petticoats and period racism.
  4. Like 30 years in Jesus’s life, we don’t know why the Stargate was hidden and unused, and how the US AirForce obtained it. And we really need to know now.
  5. The franchise is lacking a female lead, which Star Trek not only achieved before with Voyager but will again through Discovery.
  6. Richard Dean Anderson has become fat, and they’d be obliged to feature him in a sequel.

But while I await the new movies that reboots the franchise, I’m happy to lap up the origins series and see how they represent the beginning of a wonderful canon.

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Star Trek 50th Anniversary – 9 Best Moments

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I could not live without seeing another Star Trek go unwritten, especially at the 50th anniversary of its conception and release. So now, here’s mine for you to enjoy.

  1. The Trouble with Tribbles – the ridiculousness of the small creatures that Captain Kirk used to outsmart a Klingon secret agent.
  2. The Rock, appearing in Voyager as a cage fighter and whacking Borg exile Seven of Nine in hand-to-hand laser-tag fisticuffs.
  3. Jeffrey Combs – that versatile actor that appeared in three spin-offs (DS9, Voyager and Enterprise), delivering the insidious, but ultimately doomed line, “The Dominion…will endure long after the Federation has crumbled into dust.”
  4. Captain Picard’s love-life – three actresses captured the stoic leader’s heart, leaving you with a primal urge to shout at the screen, “just be happy, you idiot.” While holding a candle up for Beverly Crusher the entire series, his intensity for Lieutenant Nella Daran catches you off guard.
  5. While speaking of holding a candle for an entire series, at least Odo from DS9 managed to overcome his shyness through jazz and become entangled (literally) with Colonel Kira Nerys over the last season or two.
  6. Worf and prune juice – because his love for rotten eggs wasn’t enough, his love for the Earth beverage became the humanising factor that defined the Klingon with a “don’t give a damn attitude”. Warrior, father, lover, drinker of juice.
  7. Finding out Simon Turner, “Captain Christopher Pike”, was only in the pilot for the original series, and that decision saved the franchise before it leaped into existence.
  8. The demise of Commander Charles Tucker from Enterprise on its last episode – that heartstring got fully tugged, I won’t lie.
  9. Crazy cameos – amongst them Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, Seth Macfarlane of “Family Guy” and Kelsey Grammar from “Frasier”
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